Welcome to Ancient Greece and the 8th Annual Gabriola Theatre Festival

The 8th annual Gabriola Theatre Festival takes you back to where it all began, to the lively stage of Ancient Greece! Philosophers, deities, titans, actors, comedy, tragedy, masks, and wine! Greece’s cultural identity was cultivated through theatre, and this summer it will flourish on Gabriola Island, where you can enjoy eight incredible mainstage shows that explore the stuff of life: love, comedy, tragedy, politics, authors you revere, musicians you won’t forget.

And there is so much more to celebrate at the Gabriola Theatre Festival! Wander Street Art, a true Agora, filled with local handmade art and artisanal wares; and Street Fair, where artists, Gabriola organizations, and businesses collide! We’ll launch the festival with a toga dance party, and our opening ceremony will celebrate the generosity of our friends at Arbutus Home Building Centre. Participate in Gabriola’s ἀrst ever Human Library! Enjoy the Lions Pancake Breakfast, Kids Corner, Storytime, a youth presentation, and a FREE outdoor stage! Take in some mini-plays while you’re waiting in line, enjoy a drink to pass the time, and revel in the glorious setting as the Theatre Festival Hub is transformed into Ancient Greece. It’s the event of the summer on Gabriola Island. See you at  our Theatre of Dionysia (AKA the parking lot).

Artistically yours,

Alina Cerminara
Artistic Producer

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