Agora Street Fair!

Sunday, Aug 21 | 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Art: See it! Love it! Take it home! Gabriola artists and artisans will delight  your senses, tickle your fancies, and soothe your soul with their fantastic creations at this favourite summer art and craft event. More than 50 artists will be on hand at this lively artisan agora, featuring an eclectic selection of quality one-of-a-kind treasures.

On Sunday, meet the Creatures, Heroes and Demi-Gods of Gabriola at Street Fair. Many artists will be back, alongside Gabriola community and nonprofit organizations. It’s as much fun as you’ll ever have on the street!

List of Sunday Vendors:

Bob Weenk
Jean McLaren
Gabriola Garden Club
Gabriola Against Freighter Anchorages
Rohana Laing
Positive Energy Quilters
Indian Summer Leather Design, Anita Jackel
Eyes Wide Open Photography, Nicholas Halpin
Bluethner Art Studio, Elsa Bluethner
Chris Straw
Peter Llewellyn Photography
Jewellery by Semih Fisekci
Cabisan Art & Design, Catherine Hallam
Connections Group, Liz McKnight
Pigasus Studios & Elan DS Muir Studio
Alois Verlinden
Mermade, Nerissa Layton
The Brick Chick, Jenn Canvin
Vintage Sign Projects, Bob Hamer
Dawn Zintel & Trudy Broadley
Group of Several
Moonshine Studio, Laura Handford
Carol Boyce
D’dance Glass, Dirk Huysman & Mary Ann Richards
Dragonfly Dream Arts, Michael Auger
Sheila Norgate
Tied Up and Dyed, Scott Shane
Silver Bee Studio, Brendalee Astells
Gwen Spinks
Spirit Song Designs, Yvonne Noyon

Interested in vending at Street Fair? Click here!

Saturday + Sunday | 10:00 am – 4:00 pm | @ Lockinvar Lane 


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