Free Outdoor Stage!

Friday, Aug 18 - Sunday, Aug 20 | All Day

Enjoy a mix of Gabriola musicians on this year’s outdoor stage! Some of the best local music you’ll see, on a FREE stage.

5:45-6:45 TerraZetto​
8:45-9:15 Chris Ronald
9-9:30: Gary Badke
9:30-10: Carolyn Bell
10-10:30: Roger Christie and Marty Steele
10:30-11: Double Entendre
5:45-6:45: The Kat’s Pajamas
8:45-9:15: Blue Moon
9-9:30: Moonsister
9:30-10: Adena Broadhead
10-10:30:Graham Sheehan and Michael Bean
10:30-11: carol weaver * Jacqui Parker-Snedker
1:45-2:15: Double Entendre
5:45-6:45 Voodoo Dave with Esther Moncrieff
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