The Handmade Tale: An Improvised Margaret Atwood

Sunday, Aug 21 | 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Holland Stage

In a dystopian future, Paper Street’s improvisers struggle with gender politics and identity—and to stay alive. Inspired by the works of Margaret Atwood, this show captures her stark prose, futuristic vision, and the dark—often humorous—undercurrent that runs through her work. If you’ve ever loved a book by Atwood, this is show you cannot miss.

“… poetic, lyrical, haunting, frightening … created a dystopian world so possible as to be chilling in its verisimilitude. The moody and atmospheric improvised design was the ᴀnal crowning touch—costumes, props, lighting, and sound—perfection.” —Janis Lacouvée

“That was hands down the best improv I have ever seen. A huge shout out to both Brooke Cameron and Monica Ogden for absolutely stunning performances!” —Darcy L.

Under the direction of improviser and storyteller Dave Morris, Paper Street Theatre Co. creates improvisation that feels like pure theatre. By studying great playwrights and theatrical styles and performing them with no script, they set out to change what people often perceive improvisation to be. Paper Street Theatre has performed at Festivals around the world, including Vancouver, London, and Amsterdam. They have won multiple awards for their innovative style of improvisation.

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Paper Street Theatre Co. | Directed by Dave Morris | Performed by Dave Morris, Brooke Cameron, and Monica Ogden (Victoria, BC)

Rated: PG Length: 60 minutes, no intermission

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