Inclusivity Campaign

The Gabriola Arts Council wants all Gabriolans to be able to attend the Gabriola Theatre Festival mainstage shows. Consider being a part of our Inclusivity Campaign to ensure that everyone has access to the ticketed events.

The campaign is simple: just let us know how what you’d like your donation to be and we’ll make sure it results in tickets getting into the hands of people who would not have otherwise been able to attend a mainstage show.

What’s in it for you? Besides the joy that comes from acting generously and creating an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the arts, you can also be acknowledged on the Gabriola Arts Council website (with a weblink and logo, if desired), on the Theatre Festival blog, on the Theatre Festival Facebook page and your donation will be acknowledged directly on the ticket if you should choose to donate a whole ticket..

Click here to donate!

Please email for more information or to purchase tickets or amounts for the Inclusivity Campaign.